Pilandro completes its range with products perfect for that moment immediately after the meal that you can enjoy in a perfect peace devoted to appreciating subtle flavours and colours. Our passito, created to accompany cheeses and pastries in general, is characterized by an intense golden colour, a fruity, sweet and pleasing nose and a smooth and delicate taste. Our grappas, further confirmation of the uniqueness of this company, is obtained exclusively from the pomace and grapes of our own estate. There are four distillations to choose from: our classic Grappa Bianca is steam-distilled, our Grappa Dorata is steam-distilled and aged for two years in oak barrels, our Grappa Passita is distilled from semi-dried grape skins and our Grappa Miele contains a delightful touch of honey. That moment for meditation, for stopping, thinking and reflecting after a busy and eventful day, that moment when we finally allow ourselves a needed break and the world seems to abandon its usual frenzy, that moment finds a perfect and unique accompaniment in the products and flavours of the Pilandro estate.